Salt Water Launching Trolley….

At Datchet, we have the luxury of launching into pure Thames Water – though sometimes I tend to think there is a touch of salt there! Probably chemicals though….

We launch directly off our road trailers and don’t really face wheel bearing corrosion issues.  Even so, the bearings do go from time to time, and this blog will be running a short photo tutorial in wheel bearing replacement quite soon – courtesy of Mervyn Wright…

A whole bunch of our teams did Hayling this year and faced the salt there. What do the locals do about it?? Well, the answer is that they quite often have dedicated launchers.

This launcher was lying beneath Charles’ boat and is I think the latest model from “Keels on Wheels”…

Looks nice and light – uses a regular jockey wheel assembly up front, good wide wheels for the soft going and a low keel platform…

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