There’s Epsilons… and Epsilons….

In all this recent chatter about mast sections, we were reminded today that not all Epsilon Section masts are the same by any means….

Folklore has it that the old extrusion for the Epsilon mast section had become worn. In that state it was pumping out tubing with slightly thicker walls, slightly heavier per metre and slightly stiffer….. Sometime between 1998 and 2008, I forget exactly when, the story says that the extrusion was replaced and the Epsilon masts produced after that date were slightly less stiff.  In our last two boats (1998, and 2008), even to my untrained eye I would say that it was quite noticable even to the vague amateur eye….

So the Alto section is 8% stiffer…. I wonder if that takes us right back where we started from??…

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