BIFFA Membership Numbers are Up !!!….

At the AGM in Hayling, we learned that BIFFA membership numbers are up for the first time in six years.  I hope very much this means we’ll get an active vote on the New Rig… If you haven’t joined up yet, it’s not too late – but if own a Flying Fifteen and you care about your investment, you really should join up quickly and vote. The membership fees are modest and just the price of two rounds of drinks (London Prices!!!)… well – not much anyway.  If the vote goes against your beliefs and you didn’t vote, you’ll be spitting mad. Join now…

So what are the BIFFA membership numbers??  I believe in 2010 they were 361, in 2009 they were 377 and in 2008 they were 395.  Now, there’s a whole other sort of wake up call here.  The subscription fee income in 2010 was £13,969 – so I reckon there will have been around 60 Associate Members as well – which is actually a positive surprise to me!!

Anyway, this will have to be addressed….  We’ll try and produce some suggestions in the coming days, but if you have any diagnostics or ideas, please email them in…. send them to

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