FF – Hauling the Pole Off the Forestay in a Breeze… 2….

A few days ago, we published an item about a nifty gadget/idea on a new P&B boat for hauling the pole off the forestay in a breeze. We had a comment come into the blog from a lady FF sailor in Australia, who just happens to be a God-Level sailor in her own right (!) – and whose UK boat still sails at our Club (Hakuna Matata).  Anyway – this is the technique that they use for dragging the pole back…

“Alternatively, and much cheaper…… Because the guy will already be cleated on the jammer by the side stays , all the skipper needs to do is reach down the side tank and pull the guy (brace if you are Aussie!) upwards. The pull is 90 degrees to the direction the rope runs in, so even in a big sea breeze on a tight reach it’s very easy to pull on the required few inches……. And so much cheaper!!…”

I guess that the point is to cleat it at the side-tank AND the shroud so it’s cleated at both extremes, then Brace/Yank the guy….. So that’s telling you !!….Great !!

1 thought on “FF – Hauling the Pole Off the Forestay in a Breeze… 2….

  1. If the guy/brace is cleated both at the shrouds and at the side tank, the crew placeon a hand on the standing part of the rope running along the side deck and pushing out board makes the job easier,
    you effectively create a two to one doing this, even small crews can do it.
    Not my idea but from mr apthorp via the president I believe

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