P&B Flying Fifteen – genoa turrets…

This is the very neat application by P&B of the genoa sheeting arrangement in a December 2010 boat. It’s very neat and I like the way the turning blocks are getting smaller. They supply somewhat thinner jibsheets to make this work well, and I’ve ordered up a tapered set to try out. They obviously run much easier and we may always use them in the light.

1 thought on “P&B Flying Fifteen – genoa turrets…

  1. Personaly I don’t like the cheek blocks fixed like that, I prefer STD bullets fixed to a deck eye. That way as the crew crosses the boat, sheeting in as they stand up, the block lifts and less friction is caused. You might think that it doesn’t make much difference but having crewed both types I can safely say it does; that’s as a crew with only one arm as well!

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