Flying Fifteen Main Halyard….

New to Flying Fifteens?? Well – this is about main halyard nitty gritty!!

In FFs, like just about anything else, you have a choice of wire or soft halyard. The benefit of wire, is that you set it to a rack – so the length is always precisely what you set measured by the rack itself.

But at Datchet, in the main we use soft halyards. Our usual routine for coming back after racing is that we drop the main while afloat, roll it up and come in under genoa alone. Much safer and predictable in a breeze!!  We seem to have a slight preference for the soft halyard set up – we often hoist while afloat and away from the jetty too.

At the headboard end we just have a plastic bobble on the halyard and slip it through. Very clean and no shackle screwing to do. It is also easy then the shorten the halyard every year or two to move the sheave stress points along.

But what about the business end at the mast? This is the setup ona new P&B boat and is about the neatest I’ve seen. You get an easy hoist from around the lower block and the halyard automatically seats into TWO clam cleats – which should stop it slipping very well. Going for the main drop then is just one quick pull to get the line out of the two cleats. Very easy and simple even when it’s blowing hard…..  You can mark the halyard for measured points pretty easily….

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