Flying Fifteen Trailers…

So you are looking for your first Flying Fifteen?? Mostly you think about the type of boat you want… the preferred mast and sails probably.  But do you have a firm opinion as to what to look for in a trailer….??

Well, with an FF, the trailer is a disproportionate investment and you’ll make it last for ever. It really ought to be one you like.  There’s a whole raft of things to think about in the trailer department. In our fleet, probably the popular brands are Preston (excellent), Hayling Trailers (also excellent), Sovereign, and West Mersea – and others….

When buying a secondhand boat, the biggest tip we would all give you is to look for one with a “low loader” type trailer.  Know what that is??  Here’s a couple of photos…

The keel platform is lowered below axle height. It makes launch and recovery, especially at Datchet (but anywhere) much, much easier. For us it especially true when the water level is high up our ramp. You simply don’t need to push the trailer so far to get the boat afloat. Getting the boat out after sailing, it’s even more important!!

The next big plus point is that the boat lives much lower on the trailer when ashore. We manage without a step ladder or any of that kind of mularkey. Just…. So covering up, rigging or unrigging, is much much easier.

Are there any downsides??   Speed bumps is one – you know the dimple type. Ones that go across the road are not a problem. You have to be very careful – and at Datchet avoid the route from M25 J14…..  Use M4 J5. Or drive incredibly cleverly….

The newest trailer at our Club is a Sovereign. You can get a good idea about what makes a  good trailer by reading about it here .

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