Flat Covers – Hints and Tips 2 ….

We like to get something like 5-7 years out of our cover, so we live with it a long time. There are a couple of simple things that make living with it easier and less hassle.

I got fed up with the normal nylon clips at the shrouds snapping off. Maybe it is the load, or the UV or something – but they don’t often last as long as the cover – and I like the skirt string really tight.

So we immediately replaced ours each side with two small stainless englefield clips (see photo).

They are very quick to use, and cost less than a pound I think. Next time you have something on mail order from P&B, just get them to include two pairs of these so you don’t pay extra postage.

We like to cover up while trailing. The boom cannot be trailed across stern and fore decks – it has to be stowed away. So you simply tie the normal mast loop up to the horizontal mast to “dome” the cover. However, we find that in very heavy rain, the cover can still start to puddle over the helmsman’s cockpit. On this cover, we asked the maker to add a second loop (see photo) over the rear cockpit. We secure that up to the mast in its trailing position and that seems to work a treat…..

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