Flat Covers – Hints and Tips…

You’ve chosen a flat cover for your new FF?…  Do we have any tips to keep everything smart??

You can get a mini boom-up effect by ensuring your boom sits firmly and reasonably centrally from stern deck to fore deck.  We sit ours in polystyrene pads at each end – just cut from the last electrical product to be delivered at home. A couple of the teams use old drain pipe, windsurfer masts and that kind of thing… It is surprising though the number of Datchet members who leave it at that or just slackly attach the main halyard to stop the halyard flapping around….

Most flat covers, like this one, have a central loop to cause a “dome” effect and held stop puddles forming over the cockpit. We have a stop knot on the main halyard to get the length right, and the halyard has a loop at the masthead end. Then we just have a short piece of blue line attached top the cover loop. We tie this to the halyard end as the last thing we do when putting the boat to bed.

If the bottom straps are tight, then you get no puddling…..

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