Flying Fifteen – Phil Evans Console…..

Down south, the predominant “brand” or source of Flying Fifteens has got to be P&B.

We had an item on the blog last week showing what the P&B and Brett Dingwall consoles looked like.  Well – here is the other main P&B alternative – the Phil Evans Console.

(double click the photo to enlarge it)

Phil has a special flat topped console made for his boats by Ovington – it’s a little wider I would guess than the console in a P&B boat. For a size 11 foot like mine, there is a consideration associated with that. This is basically the same console design dating back to Steve and Phil’s original World Champion winner. You can pull these control lines from anywhere in the boat and from just about any angle – and they self cleat. Very neat and very clever. The pink and white line that is flopped over the back in this photo is the strop for the mainsheet floating block. Then the other control lines are – blue (furler), red (outhaul), white (cunningham), yellow (rig tension), black (pre-bend).

Both P&B and Evans’ are good. I must admit, having tried both this design is pretty much to my preference…..

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