Flying Fifteen – Correct Jib Sheet Lengths….

One of our genoa cams must have a sharp edge on it somewhere. We noticed that the outer sheath of the genoa sheet was fraying.  Pity – these sheets by Phil Evans seemed perfect to us – great tapers and everything….

So I rang P&B. They have shipped us a very nice set of those new thinner ones. Very professional and he-man looking… Well, H wrinkled up his nose, didn’t he,  and said “only in light winds, thank you”….  It’s the kind of thing my wife would say if I brought a new convertible home…

So – on the phone to Phil, and as he’s often out and about I can’t get hold of him. So instead I call the Goacher Sail Loft. They have them in stock. The sheets are just the ticket with incredibly fine lightweight tapered ends that’ll do for teeth flossing in the evenings.

But what I want to tell you about is the lengths….

The Phil Evans sheets were simply perfect – you hit that genoa furler and they click precisely to the right length. No excess string in the cockpit and no extra wet rope weight. Brilliant. I measured them at 255 inches in length.

The sheets from P&B (clearly labelled “FF”) – a whopping 314 inches – a whole 59 inches more string. What’s that about??? Hit the furler, click the jib away and you still have a mile of it  in the cockpit…..

So – “What about the Goachers?”, I hear you ask….  Well, rather surprisingly a whole 36 inches longer than the Phil Evans sheets – they came in at 291 inches. Sheets are about £50 a set, and I realise that all chandlers have to cater for some older boats maybe, but what do they do – sheet from the transom??

Anyway for the price, I’m just a bit disappointed I must say. Goacher Sails are always so perfect and generous with us, as are P&B  – somehow I feel it unreasonable to call them up for a moan. Maybe I foolishly expected perfection for my money.  I guess the rule is that when you order new sheets, you tell them the length and not have them tell you the length. Next time I’m in the Lake District, I feel a visit to Phil coming on……

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