Flying Fifteen Spreaders – Do they Wear?….

How often does the average Flying Fifteen Owner get to see what a brand new set of Selden spreaders should look like?  Not often I’d say – just the lucky ones who pick up a brand new boat, or the very unlucky ones who break one…

The reason I ask is that when my rig was not quite two years old, say 80 races perhaps, Vice Cap’n looked up at my mast and fell about laughing ‘sympathetically’…  You could see the port spreader tip was up a bit. Sure enough I whipped the mast out and found both spreaders were quite “waggly”. I’m sure when new they were both firm in their footings and symmetrically angled, nicely swept up and so on. I cant recall any bang to the rig, so it must have been normal wear and tear on the bolts and the seatings.

I took the boat up to Goacher Sails and we had a look at them. Virtually the first thing Steve decided we had to do was sort the spreaders. The technique was to run a tape to the masthead then measure down from there to the spreader tip each side. They were a good couple of cms out in the vertical plane – just with wobble…

The answer from Steve was to whip the Shroud caps off (simple screw fitting), bind the shroud with PVC tape, then screw the cap back on. Waggle gone and height reset…. Problem fixed!

Next time you take your mast out,  check them over….

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