Flying Fifteen Rope, Halyard and String Lengths…

A couple of guys at the Club have recently asked me in the rigging area if I happen to know the length of the XYZ control line, or sheet, or halyard, on a flying fifteen….

When you need to get to a chandler quickly you cant always get at the line that you want (it may be underwater for one thing), so I thought it might be useful for you to have what I have for my boat – a control list. Of course, it wont be exactly the same for all boats depending who did the final fit-out – usually P&B or Phil Evans. Our boat is from Phil Evans, and that is the data listed in the download. It’s a useful guide though….

Main Trailer recovery rope isn’t listed and neither is the painter length. My spinnaker sheets are a special length too (not as shown here) – there will be a special blog entry about that.

See “FF Rope/String List” shown under ‘Interesting Links’……

1 thought on “Flying Fifteen Rope, Halyard and String Lengths…

  1. Take care with this one. A lot of rope/line manufacturers have a naughty habit of really ‘winding on’ their pre stretch lines – seven mil and below – onto the delivery reels. We on 3559 have experienced problems with longer line lengths particularly for mainsail and spinnaker halyards, which have ‘lost’ nearly a metre, when they have relaxed in service off those delivery reels. Too short is too short and can provide for problems on the race track.

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