Those FF Mast Sections Again…

It’s funny that we should have posted articles about Non-Dom and the battle with Selden, and of the Alto Mast Section in the Fireballs….  Sue Bannister, BIFFA President, sent around a great newsletter last week. It contained an intriguing snippet about the Ovi FF at the Dinghy Show.

The Datchet staffers on the stand roster had failed (!!) to let me know it had an Alto Mast Section – very interesting. Sue says it is aimed at better gust response for lighter crews. If you see the blog entry for March 15th (or key “alto” into the blog’s Search bar) you will find a link to Selden’s mast section data. Basically the alto is more flexible fore and aft but stiffer sideways. It weighs about 5% more…..

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