Flying Fifteen Hiking….

I got pretty worried when Grayson showed me his hiking straps (called hobbles) in Tom’s boat.  If you haven’t seen hobbles, they are nasty looking ankle straps that let you hang right out of the boat and are attached to a wire in the cockpit. I suppose it is what they use in the Star Class and the like, to get the meat right over the side. I class them with Scolds Bridles and the 2 stone weight jacket I used to have to wear in the Flying Dutchman… As I have three buddies who had their Dragon submarine dive to the bottom of the bay in Cannes, I wouldn’t want any device that effectively tied me to a hull that has 300lbs of lead hanging out of the bottom…..

But did you see this in the Y&Y Dinghy Show edition?? The hiking bench…. It looks a neat piece of kit. When I was teenager, I raced an old Osprey with my Dad. To improve upwind performance I copied the old Elvstrom hiking picture in his book, and built a bench that was an exact cross section of an Osprey sidetank. Used to do 120 sit-ups a day on the thing. Couldn’t do three now!!

Looks nice kit though. We could have a whip round and buy one for Grayson….

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